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Things to Consider when Selecting a Funeral Headstone

Coping with the loss of a loved one is not an easy experience. The family members have to look for ways of going through the healing process. Ordering a headstone is one of the most important steps in the healing process. When you have lost your loved one, you want to select the right headstone to act as an everlasting tribute. Choosing a headstone is not an easy thing to do. Many families select the headstone together not only to make sure they make the right choice but also help each other overcome the loss. Below are some things to consider when selecting a funeral headstone.

Funeral Headstones

Cemetery regulations

The requirements of the cemetery should be the first thing to consider before setting out to purchase a headstone. Whiles some cemeteries are strict about the type of headstone your family may choose, others don’t have rules at all. Check with your cemetery to ensure that your choices are within any set guidelines.


If your cemetery does not restrict the material of headstone, there is a broad range of materials to choose from. Headstones can be made of granite, marble, sandstone, slate, fieldstone, bronze, limestone and other similar materials. Bronze and granite are considered the best because they are durable, attractive, withstand extreme weather and are easy to maintain. In fact, some graveyards only allow headstones made from bronze and granite to be installed. Headstones of any material come in a variety of colors like black, white, red, pink, blue, green, etc. Cemeteries that don’t have restrictions on color allow people to choose colors that match the personality of deceased.

Size of the headstone

Your choice of size will involve physical matters such as the size of the marker and the weight of the headstone. If you plan to install the headstone yourself, choosing a big, heavy headstone is not the best option. Many cemeteries require that headstones be installed professionally and may recommend professional installers. In most cases, a light-weight headstone is preferred to a large heavy one.

Design and layout

Many families emphasize on the design of the headstone as an important aspect of the grave marker. They feel it’s a reflection of the loved one. A design may depict a favorite flower, scenic location or have a religious significance. The use of emblems can further personalize the design. The most important thing to remember when selecting the design of headstone is the symbolism behind the elements within a particular memorial design. Choosing a headstone with symbolism more significant to the deceased is much more fitting.

Vase option

People visiting a loved one’s grave in the cemetery come with flowers. A flower vase is convenient on a headstone to accent the memorial with fresh flowers and beautifies the memorial. There is a place on the sides of the base of most upright headstones where a flower vase can be placed. Flat grave markers may have a hole to accommodate a flower vase. These vases can be turned upside down and placed flush into the memorial when they are not in use.


Cost is probably the most determining factor in the selection of the specific headstone to purchase. Compare prices of different headstones to get one that is within your budget and meets your requirements.